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Meet Dr. Sandra Lohman

Dr. Lohman believes…take care of your spine and it will take care of you.

Dr. Sandra LohmanDr. Lohman began her post-secondary education at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree.  She then moved to Dallas, Texas to begin extensive training at Parker College of Chiropractic where she concurrently completed both degrees.  In her last year of study, she earned the title of Clinical Assistant — responsibilities included overseeing other clinicians and signing-off on their practical work.

As her studies concluded, she was given the opportunity to put her chiropractic training into practice in Bali, Indonesia:

I felt honoured to be able to help people in need.”


Passionate about living a healthy, active life with a genuine interest in helping people of all ages maintain a spine free of nervous system interference, Dr. Lohman believes chiropractic treatment can heal the body and enhance one’s lifestyle.  Committed to continuing education, Dr Lohman is regularly updating and adding to her skills.

Some of the most fulfilling aspects of practice are seeing someone continue doing the things they love, whether that be picking up their grandchildren, playing their favourite sport or working in the garden.”

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Committed to Comfort

Dr. Lohman is committed to ensuring you feel comfortable. In a relaxed and professional environment she will discuss all treatment options and work with you to correct and heal your body:

Spinal correction is my passion because we experience our lives through our nervous system. Whether you use massage therapy, physiotherapy or acupuncture (which are excellent options), your spinal alignment is extremely important. Proper posture, alignment and joint function are paramount to your overall health picture. Being well adjusted and maintaining a neutral spine boosts your body’s general adaptive potential to handle stress, injuries and illness with greater ease.”

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