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New Patient Reviews

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  • Very pragmatic and understanding and gave a realistic plan for a solid repair with home exercises.

    -John M.
  • Most knowledgeable chiropractor I have seen. Also best immediate results.

    -Kevin U.
  • Best chiropractor I have seen! Very good at explaining what is happening to your body and how to help it.

    -Angela J.
  • I appreciate Dr. Lohmans skill, technique, and particularly her patience in listening to all of my concerns, and information.

    -Graham H.
  • Dr. Lohman is very knowledgeable makes you feel very comfortable and at the end of your treatment you feel better.

    -Jodie P.
  • I felt very welcomed here and was given excellent and friendly attention, service and advice and was listened to.

    -Linda H.
  • Dr. Lohman is my favorite person in the world! She has helped me in more ways than I could count. I will always be a devoted patient.

  • I feel so much better!

    -Pierre T.
  • I highly recommend this service to my friends and family.

    -Indranie S.

Very friendly and nice. Everything was explained before it happened and she made sure I was comfortable before any adjustments were made. I am a regular patient now.
~Brandon K.

I find the practices of Dr. Lohman to be very informative and friendly. I’ve seen a lot of chiropractors and only Dr. Lohman has made me feel that there is actually hope of getting better. During a typical visit, Dr. Lohman will explain what she does as well as what it is good for… everything just makes sense with her. As it should. Thank you for a very good start and I look forward to continuing the use of Dr. Lohman’s services and care
~Morgan H.

Dr. Lohman was great to deal with right from the get-go. She took the time to ask the right questions and listen so that she could determine the right treatment for me. I felt that she genuinely cared about my well-being. My issue was dealt with very quickly! Now it’s up to me to continue with the stretch suggestions she gave me to maintain the results she helped produce. I will definitely be back for regular maintenance or for any issues that may come up. I would very highly recommend her to anyone with pain.

~David T.

You have done a great job. I would encourage you do more of this type of high tech treatment. It is very effective. I know many older people are afraid. I’m sure, If people knew more of these more gentle treatments, people would be more likely have their interests peeked.

~John V.

I was impressed by Dr Sandra’s patience to spend time and listen to me. She really took time to understand my problem and she was very methodical in her approach.

~Srdjan K.

Thank you for giving me faith in Chiropractor’s. Can’t believe I’ve suffered for decades and been so afraid to try one out. I will keep this up for the rest of my life! See you soon.

~Erin G.

Please be very assured you will be very well taken care of by Dr. Lohman. She is not only a very competent, talented and skilled chiropractor but also an exceptionally kind and compassionate person whom will carefully listen to and address all of your concerns. I would recommend her to anyone.

~Erica D.

I appreciate the gentleness of Dr. Lohman. No crunching. Also, I really like her instruction on what is happening with my skeleton, the impact this may have on organs, and what I can do myself to maintain better movement, happier body. Good info. Good instructions.

~S. Age 73

My over all experience, has been a great one. Dr. Lohman and her team are knowledgeable and professional , I will recommend their services to my family and friends.

~Jessica T.